Antonis Loizou

Antonis Loizou is a business that can provide property evaluation services and an extensive range of real estate services for immovable properties. They are a professional firm that has been providing this service for people since 1980. During that time, they have built up a sterling reputation as one of the most comprehensive property evaluation business around. They have highly trained and experienced staff that is capable of providing many services outside of just property evaluation as well.

Structural Property Surveying Service

One of the most important things that people can do when they are buying a property is to have a structural property survey performed. Having the property you are interested in to be evaluated or valuated, means that will be a thorough check to see if there are any issues with the structure whatsoever. Antonis Loizou evaluation team will cover information about the roof, the foundation, wall cracks, the strength of the retaining walls, and much more.

Having this survey completed will allow you to feel confident that the property you are purchasing is in good shape. If there are any issues, then you will be made aware of them right away. This is a survey that you will want to get done before closing the deal.

Other Services

Antonis Loizou provides a wide range of other services as well. They will be able to perform property management services for you if you are in need. Estate agency services are available as they do extensive work in real estate. The company has also done a lot of work in town planning since 2002.

Their experience with many different facets of property management makes them a sought-after business for consulting purposes as well. When people or other businesses need advice on property management, development of properties, taxation, financing, and even property sales, they can turn to this business for help. Their experienced staff is capable of providing guidance and they will work diligently to give the best advice possible to all of their clients.

Company Information
Year of Establishment 1981
Directors Antonis Loizou
Member of RICS
Number of Employees 1-50

Antonis Loizou Nicosia

Address Details #1

Street Address

Kennedy Avenue 68A , Nicosia , Nicosia , 1076 , Cyprus
P.O. Box: 26634
P.O. Box Postal Code: 1640


Tatiana Presnova
nicosia [ at ]
(+357) 22 477 600; (+357) 8 000 326 203
(+357) 22 428 681

Antonis Loizou Limassol

Address Details #2

Street Address

Ayias Filaxeos 136 , Mariella House , Flat/Office: 102 , Limassol , Limassol , 3087 , Cyprus


limassol [ at ]
(+357) 25 378 504; (+357) 25 378 510
(+357) 25 871 553

Antonis Loizou Larnaca

Address Details #3

Street Address

Gregori Afxentiou Avenue 8 , Elba Court , Larnaca , Larnaca , 6063 , Cyprus


larnaca [ at ]
(+357) 24 657 067
(+357) 24 625 712

Antonis Loizou Paphos

Address Details #4

Street Address

Poseidonos Avenue 209 , Flat/Office: 25 , Paphos , Paphos , 8042 , Cyprus


paphos [ at ]
(+357) 26 945 612
(+357) 26 945 571

Antonis Loizou Famagusta

Address Details #5

Street Address

Protaras Avenue 446 , Protaras , Famagusta , 5313 , Cyprus
P.O. Box: 33396


paralimni [ at ]
(+357) 23 831 721
(+357) 23 831 633