If possible, you should have an idea about the area you might want to live in, the sort of property you want and your budget before visiting Cyprus. Acquire details and price range of as many properties as possible in the area you have chosen, and make a shortlist of those you wish to view.

Many estate agents have their websites so you can check the best offers from your home, though sites will not show all properties for sale or the latest properties on their books. Agents’ websites have enhanced considerably in the last few years, and many provide information about Cyprus in addition to the information about the properties and the areas, especially for people thinking to relocate there. Though, you should always double-check all the information you get.

Agents are very different in their competence, enthusiasm and professionalism and the best ones provide great quantity of associated information and support. If an agent is not very interested to find out exactly what do you want, you should look somewhere else. There are many of experienced agents in Cyprus that may give you a good service.

There are no national property listings in Cyprus and agents jealously guard their list of properties, while many work with overseas agents in areas that are popular for foreign buyers. Cypriot agents who give advertisements in foreign magazines or who work with overseas agents usually provide coloured photographs and a full description, especially for expensive properties. If you’re operating with a foreign agent, take care to confirm (and reconfirm) that a particular property is still for sale and the price, before visiting Cyprus.

You should always arrange an appointment, as agents require ensuring that a property is available for viewing and there’s someone who can to show you around. If you’re on holiday, it is fine to have unexpected visit and take a look at the latest offer, but don’t expect an agent to show you properties without an appointment. If you want to view properties during your holiday, it’s better to do so at the start of it so that you can come back later to inspect any of the property you like a second or third time.

You should make an effort to view as many properties as possible during the time available, but let enough time for viewing each property thoroughly, travelling between properties and making breaks for sustenance. Although it’s important to see enough properties to have correct opinion of price and quality, the number of properties that can be seen in one day should not be more than six, in order not to be confused over the merits of each property. If you’re shown properties that don’t match your specifications, tell the agent immediately.
You can also help an agent to narrow the field if you will tell him exactly what’s wrong with the properties you refused. It is recommended to make notes of both the good and bad features and take lots of photographs of the properties you like, in order to compare them later at your leisure. It’s also recommended to mark each property on a map so you can find them without getting lost if you wish to return later on your own. The more a property attracts you, the more you should search for defects and negative points and if you still like it after stressing the negative points, it should have special appeal.